The Price of Happiness

Known for its rich, smooth taste, Kona coffee is considered one of the best and most exclusive in the world, and prices often reflect that. But is it truly an unaffordable luxury? Last month, our research team took on this challenge for you. Using a Jura coffee machine and a 1 pound bag of KarmaSu Coffee, we counted the number of 6 ounce cups medium strength coffee that could be brewed from a pound of coffee. In order to get you the results as quickly as possible, we drank more than the usual amount of coffee that month, because we’re dedicated like that. The final tally was 48 cups of coffee. At $36 a pound (free shipping), this comes to about 75 cents per cup of 100% smooth Kona coffee – what a deal! So there you have it, while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy you KarmaSu 100% Kona Estate coffee, and that’s pretty darn close!