We are passionate about great coffee and dedicated to bring you the finest 100% Kona coffee available. We currently have 5 acres in production and will add 3 more acres in the coming years. We are committed to sustainable farming practices of shredding and composting green waste, making biochar, adding manure and mulching. We believe in hard work to promote microbial life in our soil and won't poison our ground with toxic chemicals to control weeds. We analyze our soil every season to determine the specific type of fertilizer to implement and only the needed amount. Our coffee is only as good as our soil can provide. Mother nature blesses us with rain and sunshine, we have the responsibility and the long term commitment for maintaining the quality of our soil.

Thank you to our family and friends and to our customers for your continuing support.


Su, Lynne and Judson


I’ve always been a coffee drinker. However, I really only noticed the coffee if it was too strong or too weak— otherwise, I just drank it for the caffeine. KarmaSu Coffee woke me up, literally and figuratively. The smooth taste of this coffee is so striking that I learned to drink this coffee mindfully, savoring each sip like one would enjoy a terrific glass of wine.
— Michael Fisch, Chicago, IL
Happiness is... grinding some KarmaSu Coffee. It is phenomenal, sooo good!
— Meg DePriest, Denver, CO
I like my coffee smooth and flavorful, not bitter. KarmaSu coffee never disappoints. It is one of life’s small luxuries that is worth a little extra! It also makes a great thank you gift for friends and mentors.
— Leslie Schover, PhD, Houston, TX
Excellent coffee! It smells rich and earthy - much like I think Hawaii would smell. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning so I can have some more!
— Kathryn Connell, Fairfax, VT
So if you believe in blind taste tests—your coffee passed the test! Ken made coffee that morning. I poured a cup to take with me in the car. When I took my first swallow, I noticed the smooth taste. When I got home, I saw that he opened your bag of coffee and used it that morning. So, there you have it! Unbiased and unsolicited! Just delicious!....I can really taste the difference! I am going to order on-line to get more.
— Rogene Gee Calvert, Houston, TX


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Kona Typica variety

Healthy coffee plant

Healthy coffee plant

Flower clusters on last year's growth

Flower clusters on last year's growth

Cherries at different stage of ripeness

Cherries at different stage of ripeness

KarmaSu Coffee Estate Farm's 5 acres of more than 2,400 Kona Typica trees flourish on the verdant slope of Hualalai volcano, overlooking beautiful Kona Coast. Brought to Hawaii from Guatemala in the early 1800's, these plants have adapted for more than 100 years to Kona's unique soil and climate, resulting in the smooth and robust flavor profile renowned world-wide as 100% Kona Coffee. 



Coffee harvesting is more labor intensive in Kona than most other coffee producing regions. Since cherries from the tree will ripen at different times, we selectively hand pick to ensure each cherry is at the peak of ripeness. With the steady rainfall and at our ideal 1600 ft. elevation, our picking season lasts from late August through January. Each tree will be picked multiple times throughout the season.


Hours after picking, cherries are sorted to remove any debris or unwanted fruit.  Using the wet processing method, the coffee cherries are pulped to remove the outer skin.


After removing the pulp, beans are left to ferment overnight in clean water.  This helps give the coffee its characteristic bright, clear flavor.  After thoroughly washing, the beans are ready to be dried.


After fermentation, the beans are naturally sun dried on large decks for about 5 days.  They are raked by hand to ensure even drying.  This drying operation is critical since it affects the final quality of the green coffee.  Our beans are dried to a moisture content of about 12%.  The beans now are called parchments.  We then bag them up and put them in moisture controlled storage.


The parchment are rested in storage to develop its character, we then mill as needed to remove the silver skin. The beans are then sorted and graded to Hawaii's mandated standard for size and quality.


Roasting coffee is a simple process and as much of an art as a science.  Our custom roasting profile is designed to bring out and enhance the character of KarmaSu estate coffee.  We roast, cup and taste test regularly to find the perfect roast profile for our special coffee. Perfect roasting is dependent on timing, temperature, other external factors that are specific to our beans and, of course a bit of intuition.


We roast to order only, bag and ship within 24 hours.  Look for the roasting date on the bag. Order 5 lbs or more and the shipping cost is on us.  Or Join our KarmaSu Coffee Club for free shipping and additional discount. Enjoy your coffee!


Our Extended Family


Our love affair with coffee began quite early, when our parents would let us sip from their glasses of cà phê sữa đá, the traditional Vietnamese coffee brewed from a rich French dark roast with chicory using a metal drip filter resting on a small cup with several spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk inside. The mixture is then stirred and poured over ice. The resultant brew is sweet, creamy, and so strong you'll want to climb high mountains and swim wide rivers. Coffee fueled our late night study sessions in college, and eventually became an indispensable part of our day. As with all encompassing loves, we yearned to learn as much as we could about coffee, from where it's grown, to how to properly care for it. Our journey led us to the Big Island of Hawaii, home to the most desired and cherished coffee in the world. Here we established KarmaSu Coffee Estate Farm on the slopes of Hualalai volcano, in Kailua-Kona. Grown between 1,600 ft. and 1800 ft. elevation, in temperate climate, under full morning sun and shaded by afternoon cloud cover (optimal conditions for growing Arabica coffee), our beans have time to grow, absorbing the blessings of the sun and the bounties of the fertile volcanic soil. This results in phenomenally smooth and robust coffee.